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Watch TV channels on the PC using an Internet connection
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Free Online TV Player

Watch BBC, CNBC, CNN and other well-known TV channels directly on your computer through your Internet connection. Sort the available channels by category or by country.

The evolution of the Internet also influenced the way television can reach its viewers. The classical television starts looking rather obsolete considering that users can watch TV channels on their computers with ease and requiring pretty much only an Internet connection. Free Online TV Player is a handy application created especially to make watching television on the computer a convenient and easy matter.

Free Online TV Player comes with a neat and simple interface that makes it easy to connect to a TV channel and watch its broadcast. I like a lot the fact that it provides access to many important TV stations such as BBC or CNBC by default. Adding other stations can also be easily done. It can sort the channels by various criteria, such as their type (news channels, entertainment, education, lifestyle, movies, etc.) or by the country. Channels can be easily added to a list of favorites, which makes them easy to be found and accessed later on.

As you can see, this tool is not only simple but also pretty handy, containing the basic features that make watching online television a truly enjoyable activity. Unfortunately, it has some downsides. The most important one is that some television channels won’t load and play. Another is its intrusive, adware-like behavior, as during its installation it creates shortcuts on the desktop with links towards various URLs.

Though the program is advertised as free, it comes with a nag screen that asks for a registration. The registration asked by this pop-up window seems to be free as well, but since it should be performed through a third-party service (“Trialpay”), it makes me quite circumspect about the legitimacy of this program and the real intentions of this demand for registration. My opinion is that you should keep searching for another application that lets you watch online TV, as there are plenty of other free ones and this one simply doesn’t look trustworthy.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • The interface is pretty simple and neat
  • The channels are sorted by type and country
  • Allows adding channels to a list of favorites


  • Adware-like behavior with nag screens and the installation of additional icons on the desktop
  • Won't load and play some TV channels
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